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MONTI is a handmade, geometric glass brand founded in 2015 by designer Dee Monti.

A self-taught glass-worker, Dee left her job in retail to pursue her dream of running her own business. She was looking to do something inspiring and meaningful, where she could satisfy her own creative visions.

MONTI was born out of Dee's passion for nature, geometry and the belief that design, done well, can improve quality and appreciation for simplicity in life. It starts with the most important place: where you call home.

With no former experience in starting a business or glass design, step-by-step Dee built up a brand which reflects herself. Each design is handmade in her home studio in London, using locally sourced materials and plants.

The Primary Collection is her first collection, and explores the fusion of man-made with nature. It encourages you to be creative and individual with your choice of shapes and how they fit into your personal surroundings. The mix'n'match concept of MONTI gives you the freedom to interchange your display so your space will continuously have a unique and contemporary feel.