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Emin + Paul

East London based designers, Emin + Paul, focus on unusual cuts and fabrics to bring something special to your wardrobe.

The majority of this collection is currently available in store only.

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Emin & Paul successful designers educated in England, launched their business in London in 2008. The exquisite design of the company’s products has been greatly appreciated by the global fashion network. Currently, their global reach is rapidly extending from the European continent to Japan and the U.S.

Emin, the head designer of the company, has been recognized as a professional women’s wear and underwear designer. Her experience and specialty has been essential in bringing the uniqueness of the company’s design to its products such as women’s wear, accessories and shoes.

Paul graduated from the London College of Fashion with his MA degree in Fashion Footwear Design.  His technical sophistication as well as the creativity complements Emin’s designs. He was selected in the finalist in the ITS 10 competition in Italy, where he was invited to exhibit his works to the public for four days. He is an internationally recognized designer appearing in multiple magazines and media.